Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emma Grace's new family

We are truly blessed with such a loving family. Here are a family members meeting Emma Grace for the first time!

Lucas' parents- Papaw & GrandmaMy Parents- Pawpaw and GrannyLucas' Great Aunt GinLucas' Mamaw
Lucas' uncle and aunt- Rick & Carol
Lucas' sister- Aunt KimLucas' cousin Casey and wife Elaina

4 generations- My grandmother, mom, me, and sweet Emma Grace
My uncle Jimmy

My brother Jeff and his family

Cousin Brittany and Emma Grace share the same birthday! She is so proud!

Happy Birthday Emma Grace!

Welcome to the world Emma Grace! She was born on January 16th. She is the most beautiful baby. We are head over heels for her. She has a head full of black hair and has a beautiful complexion. We praise God for blessing us with a healthy little girl!
The morning of....6 Hours before she was born!
The proud moment!

Born at 12:02 pm
Her stats

Our Family Portrait
After her first bath. Isn't she just beautiful?!?! Finally going home from the hospital!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Nursery

Lucas and I decided that we wanted a quilt for the nursery. I began searching on the internet for a crib quilt and found a beautiful handmade quilt

Once we received the quilt, I picked out my favorite patterns and we then ordered several yards of the Amy Butler fabric to make everything else. Terry (Lucas' mom) did a great job sewing everything. She spent hours sewing!

Lucas assembled the crib. He had it together in 30 minutes!

Mike (Lucas' dad) made valances and Terry sewed fabric to cover them in. It was the first of many sewing projects.

Mike kicked back and relaxed once his job of building the valances was done.

Mom and Ron (my dad) came in to help with nesting. Mom helped in the nursery and Ron helped Lucas do projects around the house. I didn't get a picture of them doing the projects so I thought I would post a picture of Ron with the shirt Ginger had made for him. He loved it!

We decided on the color Lantern Light for the nursery walls. I liked the paint color, but I loved the name. Mike and Mom helped me paint. I was 30 weeks pregnant in this picture.

Mom helped put everything up in the nursery.

We finally decided 100 % on her name. We picked Emma Grace 4 years ago when we first decided to have children. We went through hundreds of names, but kept going back to it. I painted several pictures to hang above her crib. Painting helps me relax so this was a great project to do in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Carly (our precious neighbor) helped me paint. She painted several pictures for Emma Grace, Lucas, and her parents.

The bookshelf Mike painted. We hope to fill it up with books eventually.

We love her crib. We hope that she sleeps very peacefully in it! Terry made the pillows, bedskirt, and sack to hang on the side of the crib for toys.

The changing table was built by Lucas' grandpa Edd about 20 years ago for his cousin Katie. He adored his grandpa, so I am glad that we are able to incorporate it into the nursery. Mike painted it and Terry sewed the basket liners, curtains, and cork board cover.

Coat hooks behind the door. Mom added the brown accent.

I was in the nursery today putting the final things together and Sadie laid down in the middle of the floor with her toy. I think she wanted a little attention.

I added some paint, ribbon and beads to the lamp shade. Thank you Jamie Rice for the idea!

We plan to spend many hours rocking and reading to Emma Grace. I love the comfortable glider!

Everything is finally together! We could not have done this without the help of our parents. Thank you so much!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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